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Terms and Conditions


Conditions and legal Terms of G-TiDE-Egypt The use of the services offered by G-TiDE - Egypt subject to following conditions and items. While you visit the website and after your acceptance of the terms and conditions, you are obligated under, the law to the terms and items set in this document.


Property rights Copyright©

All contents of this site, not limited to (texts, logos, images, graphics, sound recordings, button icons and digital content and materials that are re-loaded software and data collection) and all the contents of the G-TiDE – Egypt, other third-parties, Suppliers and assembly of all content on this site and all software used on this site and software suppliers, is the exclusive property of G-TiDE – Egypt and subject to Egyptian Copyright law and international Copyright law and The agreements take effect, such as Berne convention and trips agreement

Trademarks ®

G-TiDE - Egypt and any other trademarks referenced them in this site are trademarks registered for G-TiDE - Egypt here and in other countries, The images, logos, page headers, icons and buttons, scripts, and other service names are trademarks and designs registered for G-TiDE - Egypt or its sub companies , and not allowed to re-produce trademarks or designs of G-TiDE - Egypt in any way without the written permission of the G-TiDE - Egypt Whatever the way , It can cause inconvenience to customers or reduce the value and credibility of the G-TiDE - Egypt.


License and Access to the site

G-TiDE - Egypt give license allows limited access to this site and make personal use with no reloading or modify the site or any part (except for the hidden page), after having written permission of G-TiDE - Egypt. This license does not include a license to re-sell this site or its contents, or commercially usage, It also does not include any assembly or use one of the ways to view the site, or any derivative use of this sub-site or its contents; or any downloading or copying of the information available on the account for the benefit of others, or the use of research data tools or human or tools to collect data and extract similar. Not allowed reproduce or make similar copy, copy, sell or resell or visit this site or any part of it or use it differently for neither commercial purposes nor non-commercial without written permission of G-TiDE – Egypt, Also not allowed to make framework for the site, or use its methods of work to include any trademark, logo, or other information privately owned to G-TiDE – Egypt, Including images, text, page layout, or forms) without written permission, Also not allowed to use any tags or any other 'hidden text' that exploit the name G-TiDE - Egypt or it's trademarks without written permission , All unauthorized use of this site would end the permission or license granted by G-TiDE - Egypt. As has been giving you limited right and irrevocable, non-exclusive allows you to establish a link hypertext of the home page of the G-TiDE – Egypt, As long as the link does not show G-TiDE - Egypt or its products or services in a way deceptive way or false or misleading or degrading treatment it in another way, Also not allowed to use the logo of G-TiDE - Egypt or any other logo or other trademarks privately owned by G-TiDE - Egypt as part of the link without written permission.



Our policy allow visitors to submit their suggestions, ideas and comments, questions and any other information, but this information doesn't contain illegal content or obscene words, threat or attack on the privacy or a violation of property rights or the rights of others or contain rejection and objection content, and doesn't consist of programs that contain viruses or part of a political campaign or a way to woo advertising or letters of serial or mass mail or any form of spam, You not allowed to use a false e-mail address or impersonate any other person or entity, or giving misleading information in another way on the origin of the message or any other content, G-TiDE - Egypt keep the right (but not obligation) to delete or modify this content but not committed to review the content that will be sent to the site on a regular basis by send the content or submit contribution to the site, unless we inform you otherwise, you agree to grant G-TiDE - Egypt the non-exclusive right and royalty-free and non-permanent and irrevocable In addition to the waiver of the right to use, reproduce, modify, or perform, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute and show your contributions and production to the public all over the world in any mass media  or to be developed later, As well as G-TiDE - Egypt grant the right to use the name related to the content or this contribution if you choose to do so, as you approve  and ensure that you own or control all the rights of the content that you send or offer, as you approve  and ensure the accuracy and validity of the content and use of content does not prejudice this policy and won't cause harm to any person or entity, and you will have to compensate the G-TiDE - Egypt and its sub companies  from all claims arising out of content you've presenting, G-TiDE – Egypt has the right but not obligation to control and edit or delete any activity or contribution or content doesn't match with the terms and conditions of G-TiDE - Egypt set in this document, G-TiDE – Egypt not responsible for any content is sent to the site from you or by others also not responsible legally.


Obligation and Restriction of Copyrights

G-TiDE – Egypt respect respects the intellectual property rights of others, so we ask you if you have noticed that it has been copied any part of the intellectual property right in any way which constitutes a violation of copyrights, so you have to contact the Legal Department within the legal responsibility Without offering any representations and warranties of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the use of this site or its content or materials on it, And you agree that you use this site at your own responsibility, G-TiDE - Egypt denies full legal liability that may result from the use of this site, whether explicit or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by law, G-TiDE - Egypt doesn't provide any assurances that this site and the network that provides Internet service free of viruses or other harmful components, G-TiDE – Egypt not legally responsible for the losses and damages of any kind arising from the use of this site but not limited to direct damages and indirect, emergency and disciplinary and dependency.


Governing Law

By visiting G-TiDE - Egypt website, you approve the terms and conditions set in this document is subject to the provisions of applicable laws Without regard to the resolution of the conflict of laws rules, as any dispute that may arise subject to the Egyptian judiciary, Terms and Conditions of G-TiDE – Egypt, addition to The terms and conditions mentioned above, the following Terms and Conditions control your use of information service of G-TiDE – Egypt with site Characterization language or Hyper Text Markup language of G-TiDE – Egypt, respiration on G-TiDE – Egypt or using G-TiDE – Egypt, As acceptance for these terms and conditions and agrees not to use G-TiDE – Egypt with A way that may lead to the suspension of the service, and it prevents subscribers from accessing them. You agree when using the G-TiDE - Egypt not to use a false identity while you submit yourselves to other users of the Service